How to Choose Soft Dry Dog Food – Our Ultimate Guide

Keeping your dog happy isn’t always easy. Dogs are very simple pets who only want to love you unconditionally. We all want to give our dogs the best, but it can be tricky to know what food is best for them. 

There are many different types of soft dry dog food available today, with varying levels of quality and cost. The first thing you should do is determine your dog food budget. 

If you’re trying to save money, buying the most expensive dry dog food on the market might not be the best idea. A proper diet is essential for any dog to live a healthy and happy life.

More expensive dog foods typically contain better ingredients and will provide a higher quality meal for your pet! You should, however, never let the price of your dog’s food determine its quality. 

Many dog food brands include unhealthy fillers and other noxious elements that are not suitable for dogs’ overall health. Dodging these is an excellent first step to ensuring that your dog is on the best track to a healthy diet.

Let’s jump into a few more details and learn more about why soft dry dog food may provide the best dietary needs for your dog, and what food brands stand out as the best.


How to Choose Soft Dry Dog Food – Our Ultimate Guide

1: Create a Good Feeding Schedule

It is essential to ensure that your dog has a regular feeding schedule. For example, feed your dog its food immediately after he wakes up, and then again before his evening walk. 

This way, he’ll have plenty of energy throughout the day and will be ready to go for that mid-day run! Then you’ll need to determine how much soft dry dog food you should give your dog.

This is where things get more complicated because every dog is different and there are so many factors to consider when deciding how much to feed them. Some dogs may require less, while others may require more. 

There’s no getting around it; however, for a good rule of thumb, try an ounce per pound at each feeding (or even half an ounce for puppies). 

If they’re still hungry after two hours or their stomach begins to growl, give them another small serving until they’ve had enough.

2: Make Sure You Avoid Fillers

Look for soft dry dog food that is free of fillers. Most animal foods have fillers in their ingredients, but you must ensure that the filler does not negatively impact your dog’s health. Wheat gluten and corn gluten meal are two of the most common fillers. 

These ingredients have no nutritional value for your pet! You should also consider how many calories are in each serving per cup. Your dog may gain weight if there are too many calories. However, if there aren’t enough calories, you’ll have to feed them more! 

Examine the amount of fat in each serving size. You must ensure that the ration is nutritious and well-balanced for your pet’s diet. If the food contains an excessive amount of fat, it will cause weight gain. If your dog has too little fat, he may become malnourished! 

Finally, look for other meat products listed in the top five ingredients of each food you’re considering. 

If there is any animal byproduct or a higher-than-average amount of vegetarian proteins, this should raise an eyebrow. Choose a soft dry dog food that is appropriate for your dog’s age. Puppies, for example, should only consume puppy dog food.

3: Consider Your Dogs Health

Because of age or illness, your dog’s teeth may be sensitive. If this is the case, soft dry food should be preferred over hard kibble because it will help clean your pet’s teeth and gums during mealtime. 

If your dog is in good health and you feed them soft dry food, make sure they finish their meal. If their food bowl isn’t empty after 30 minutes, take it away to avoid overeating or vomiting. 

Softer foods should also be fed in small amounts because too much of this type of diet can cause gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea! When selecting dog food, keep the underlying conditions in mind. 

If your dog is older or has any health issues, such as stomach sensitivities, soft food should be preferred over hard kibble. 

The same is true for puppies and young dogs, who have sensitive teeth. If your pet’s main goal in life is to chew on things, go with a harder diet; otherwise, look for softer food. Food that tastes similar to their regular treats is a good idea.

3 Reasons Why Soft Dry Dog Food is Best

1: It Has A Long Shelf-Life

Soft dry dog food has a long shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated, but it is not the best option for all diets. Before choosing soft dry dog foods, consider your dog’s requirements. 

If you have more than one pet in your home, you should consider getting multiple food bowls so they don’t fight over who gets what food when it’s time to eat. 

This will also help if your pet is picky about his or her feeding schedule, as we all know how difficult it can be to get an animal to do something out of its comfort zone.

Soft food usually lasts just as long as hard kibble does, as long as it’s stored in the proper conditioner. Placing it in dry and dark areas is likely the best choice unless it requires refrigeration, which is rare.

2: Great For Sensitive Stomachs 

If your dogs are going to share the food, make sure the soft dry food is suitable for all of their diets. Because each dog has a unique dietary requirement, it can be difficult to select the best soft dry dog food for them. 

For example, if your pet has a sensitive stomach, it may not handle regular hard kibble well and may cause major problems with its digestion system. 

This will result in a decline in your pet’s health. It is critical to ensure that each dog has a customized diet. Some dogs may fare much better on diets that are richer in certain nutrients. 

For example, an older dog is going to need much more fiber than a dog aged five years old. Puppies, on the other hand, require more calcium and other minerals imperative for proper growth. 

3: It’s Easy To Chew

Soft dry dog food is easier for dogs to consume. Soft kibble will be much more pleasant in your puppy’s mouth than hard pieces of food that they must chew and swallow. 

Soft dry dog food is also beneficial to dental health because it comes in small pieces that are easy to ingest but not so large that they cause damage during the chewing process. 

Dry kibble can get caught between teeth and cause them to rot over time – another reason to moisten their diet! And, if you think about it, dried-up doggie treats don’t have much nutritional value.

Soft dry dog food is also much more filling to most dogs because it weighs significantly more. This means that your dog’s tummy will fill up much quicker, saving time and money!

3 of The Best Soft Dog Food Brands 

1: The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food is a small, family-run company that sells high-quality pet food for dogs and cats. It can be difficult to know what is of good quality and what isn’t when shopping for your pet. 

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food is an excellent choice for your dog, thanks to its excellent nutritional properties. This dog food is also beneficial to your dog because it is free of fillers, additives, and preservatives. 

This dog food is likewise an exceptional choice for allergy-prone dogs! Filling your pet’s bowl with The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food ensures that they get the best nutritional value possible, and you’ll feel good knowing exactly what your furry friend is eating! 

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food caters to cats and dogs of all sizes with high-quality raw diets. When compared to dry kibble, these fresh foods contain far more nutrients such as protein, calcium, and essential fatty acids while containing fewer carbohydrates, which can cause stomach distress in some pets if consumed for an extended period.

2: Purina ProPlan Savor

Purina ProPlan Savor is a dog food that contains all of the nutrients that dogs require to live a healthy life. Purina ProPlan Savor is soft and easy to chew, making it ideal for dogs with dental issues. 

It also has a flavor that will appeal to the majority of canine palates, so your dog will not turn its nose up at this food. Purina ProPlan Savor is nutritious dog food for your pet. 

Purina ProPlan Savor provides all of the nutrients that dogs require to live a long and happy life. 

Because it is free of corn, wheat, and soy, it is considered one of the healthier dog foods. Purina ProPlan Savor dog food contains all of the nutrients that dogs require without any harmful ingredients.

3: Pedigree Tender Bites

Pedigree Tender Bites is a dog food specially designed by Pedigree experts to meet the needs of your pup. This dog food contains all-natural protein sources, vitamins, and minerals to ensure a balanced diet. It also contains prebiotics, which promote fatty acids for lustrous fur and a healthy heart. 

Furthermore, Pedigree Tender Bites contains ingredients that are beneficial to your dog’s digestive system. It is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Pedigree Tender Bites are available at your local pet store in beef, chicken, and bacon flavors. 

The bag usually weighs 13 pounds and should last about a month if fed daily to medium-sized dogs. It’s an excellent food for adult dogs, and in some cases, it can even be a good choice for senior dogs.

How To Transition Your Dog To Dry Soft Food Diet

Too many people, in my opinion, try to transition their dogs to a new diet too quickly. This never ends well and the dog suffers as a result. Before you switch your dog to a new diet, you must first take some precautions, such as feeding better food or feeding raw foods. 

Everyone should begin with their dog’s regular kibble and work their way up gradually, adding small amounts of other types of food/ingredients at a time until the desired result is achieved. 

This is important because it allows the body to adjust while also not overwhelming them with too much change at once, which can make them very sick. First, you must select the best soft dry food for your dog. 

Second, review feeding guidelines for your dog to ensure you’re getting the right number of servings per day and how much is too much or too little. During the first month of transition, use half wet/half kibble. Finally, increase the serving size of the soft dry dog food by 20% and decrease the old food serving size the same each time until the new food reaches 100% serving size. 

After that, you’re ready to start your dog on a dry soft food diet. Diarrhea and constipation are some of the side effects of introducing a new diet to your dog too quickly, so take your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Consider When Buying Soft Dry Dog Food?

It is critical that there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, and it is best if you choose a food with natural sources of meat to ensure your dog gets the best nutrients possible. 

It’s also important to consider the fat content because too much fat can lead to obesity and other health problems in your dog. Even though high-fat levels aren’t good for dogs, it’s still important to consider the fat content. 

It’s best if you choose a food with no more than 18% fat, and it’s also important not to buy dry dog foods with added fat because this can cause problems for your dog later on!

Is Soft Dry Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food?

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, and it can be difficult to break them of their chewing habits. This is especially true for older dogs who are losing teeth or have dental problems.

It can be difficult for your dog to eat hard kibble that requires chewing if he has dental issues, such as missing teeth. Soft foods are created with these requirements in mind! 

A specialized diet will provide your pet with all of the nutrients they require without making them work too hard to eat their meal! Soft dry dog food retains all of the advantages of a balanced diet and can even help to improve overall health.

What Dog Food Should I Avoid Feeding My Dog?

The first thing you should avoid feeding your dog is food containing cyanuric acid, which can cause kidney failure in dogs who consume it over time. 

If you’ve been feeding your dog cheap dog food for a while, upgrading their dog food will quickly improve their health and make them look better. 

Aside from the lack of animal-based protein sources (which leads to malnutrition), the additives are the main reason why cheap dog food is so bad for dogs. Cheap dog food contains an abundance of fillers and low-quality ingredients.


Soft dry dog food is beneficial to dogs because it contains the ideal amount of water and moisture to keep your pet hydrated. Soft dry dog food also contains easily digestible ingredients that are gentle on sensitive or irritated stomachs caused by hard kibble. 

Your pet’s main diet should consist of high-quality dog food. It is critical to keep them in top condition and to ensure proper growth by providing them with healthy nutrients that can only be found in high-quality dry or soft kibble. 

There are numerous advantages to selecting the right type of meal plan for your canine companion, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, a lower risk of obesity, healthier skin, and coat, and overall better health! 
Avoiding cheap junk foods is critical if you want to ensure your furry friends’ well-being by providing them with only premium nutrition at all mealtimes. Don’t forget to look into a healthy choice for dog treats!

Written by Brian Rucker

Brian Rucker has been a dog lover since childhood. He has had his Lab Mix with Hound for over 10+ years now! They enjoy playing outdoors together. Brian loves sharing his knowledge about all things dog on this website. Read more of Brian's articles.