Best Dog Food For Huskies in 2021 – Top Brands Reviewed

Huskies are a breed of dog that is well-known for their thick and shaggy coats. If you’re looking for the best food to feed your husky, we’ve got you covered! Since there are so many brands and types of canine foods on the market, it’s hard to determine which brand is the absolute best. 

With this in mind, we’ve compiled an overview of some of our favorite products to help make that decision easier for you! Feel free to share with other dog owners who might need guidance when shopping around for their new pet food. 

The breed is known for their sensitivity to heat, and they need a diet that keeps them at a good weight without piling on pounds. Huskies are an intelligent breed that needs a diet full of protein and calories to keep them healthy. 

Choosing the right food for your husky will depend on what type of lifestyle you lead – whether they’re active or not, how much time they spend at home each day – but there are some commonalities across all breeds in terms of nutrition requirements. 


Best Dog Food For Huskies in 2021 – Top Brands Reviewed

1: Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks (Adults)

Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks is healthy for Husky dogs because of the specific nutritional needs that this breed has. The food has high-quality protein, which will help your pup maintain lean muscle mass and keep them feeling full longer. 

It also has essential nutrients like Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, probiotics to support digestion, Vitamin E to promote skin health and prevent dry skin, and more! 

Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks is healthy for Husky dogs because it contains all of their necessary dietary needs in one package – no need to buy other supplements or treats! 

It’s easy on the stomach too so if your dog suffers from sensitive digestive issues they won’t be affected by this brand. Remember, health starts with what he eats – real meat plus all-natural ingredients for a taste every pup will love! 

Plus, there are no added sugars or sweeteners, or artificial preservatives to create a wholesome diet your already delightful dog will love. 

  • Protein-rich food helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • High-quality protein to help your pup feel full longer
  • Keeps Huskies looking their best, healthy, and with loads of energy
  • Customizable for different life stages

2: ZiwiPeak Venison Air-Dried (Adults)

Husky dogs are known for their thick coats, but it is important to be aware that they also have sensitive stomachs. It can take months of trial and error before you find the right food for your dog, so it’s best to start with quality air-dried venison food like ZiwiPeak. 

This company specializes in natural pet foods made from only the highest quality ingredients found on New Zealand farms. ZiwiPeak Venison Air-Dried Dog Food is a great option for Husky dogs because it contains only natural ingredients and no grains, fillers, or byproducts. 

Plus, with its high protein content from real meat, this food will help your furry friend maintain lean body weight while still getting all the essential nutrients they need to thrive! Venison is also rich in selenium and CoQ10, which can help keep an animal’s heart healthy and provide the necessary revitalizing energy required by muscles and other bodily tissues. 

Both omega fats (omega 3 and 6) help with inflammation; while OMEGA-3 helps animals maintain proper joints; OMEGA-6 also helps protect animals from various inflammatory conditions such as allergies or asthma that might worsen during allergy seasons. 

  • Great for Husky dog breeds
  • Contains only naturally occurring ingredients
  • Easy to feed, no food prep or cooking required
  • Blueberries provide antioxidants and prevent cancer

3: Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried (Adults)

Huskies are a breed of dog with one of the most diverse genetic backgrounds. They come in three sizes and can be found all over the world. Huskies have a lot of energy and need a lot of food. It is important to feed them healthy, hearty food that they will enjoy eating while keeping an eye on their waistlines.

Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Freeze-Dried Dog Food provides your Husky with 100% natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives or sugars which makes it perfect for feeding your furry friend! 

The nuggets are made from real chicken breast meat, eggs, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, and pumpkin seeds among other things so you know it’s good for them! Primal Nuggets are also grain-free which means your Husky will be getting the nutrients they need without any added carb fillers. 

The nuggets are freeze-dried to preserve their freshness, so you know when you open one up it’s going to be good! And because each package has 24 individual servings, there’s no waste in this bag either. Plus the packaging is recyclable too!

  • Strengthens your pup’s natural defenses with Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids
  • A high protein, low carb formula will help regulate their weight gain
  • Made in the USA with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. This means they won’t have to digest anything harmful before eating!
  • Comes in a variety of flavors to suit any Husky’s taste buds

4: Purina Beyond (Adults)

Huskies are beautiful, intelligent dogs that were bred to live in cold climates. But they can be delicate and sensitive when it comes to their diet, which is why Purina Beyond dog food is the perfect choice for them! It has everything they need like protein, fiber, Omega 6s and 3s, antioxidants, and natural prebiotics to keep your pup healthy. 

It’s one of the most nutritious and healthy food options for your Husky dog. Purina Beyond Dog Food offers a complete and balanced diet that includes antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D3, and E. 

It also contains probiotics to help support digestion and immunity.  This brand has been designed with health benefits in mind because they know how important it is for our pets to live long lives filled with happiness. 

  • Keep your pup healthy by giving them Purina Beyond
  • Give your dog the best, most balanced diet
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and delicate huskies
  • High-quality ingredients that are nutritious for any breed of dog

5: Castor & Pollux (Adults)

Husky dogs are a beautiful and powerful breed. However, they need a healthy diet to keep themselves going strong. Castor & Pollux Dog Food is the answer for this! The food provides all of the essential nutrients that Huskies need to stay happy and healthy. 

With quality ingredients like a salmon meal, sweet potatoes, peas, oatmeal, and more – there’s no question that your pup will love it! 

The best way for your Husky dog to stay healthy is by giving them the right nutrients at mealtime. Castor & Pollux has been around since 1922 and they have made it their mission to create a nutritious pet food that ensures your pup will live a full life. 

They use only natural ingredients in all of their recipes so you don’t have to worry about any harmful preservatives or hormones being added into the mix. 

  • Castor & Pollux Dog Food is made specifically for dogs like Huskies
  • The food has the right mix of protein, fats, and carbohydrates that are crucial to their diet
  • You can trust this dog food because it was designed by nutritionists who know about Husky needs
  • By feeding your puppies this healthy product you will be able to spend more time with them

6: Diamond Naturals (Adults)

Huskies are a beautiful breed of canine that you will often see in the northern areas of Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. These dogs have a thick coat which requires a lot of calories to maintain, making them prone to weight gain. 

Diamond Naturals is healthy dog food for husky dogs because it contains high-quality protein and fiber to keep your pup happy and healthy. Their food also comes with natural antioxidants to help fight against free radicals so your pup stays protected from aging! 

Diamond Naturals Dog Food is formulated with nutritious ingredients that help huskies maintain optimal weight while providing their pet parent with peace of mind knowing their dog’s food is made from quality ingredients. 

It provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs over one-year-old in an easy-to-eat kibble form. This dry formula contains no corn or wheat fillers, artificial flavors or colors, by-products, or preservatives

  • Keep your husky pup happy and healthy
  • Fight aging with the natural antioxidants
  • Get high-quality protein to keep them energetic
  • Increase lifespan because of nutrient-dense food

7:  Nutro Natural Choice (Puppies)

Huskies are a unique breed of dog that have evolved to live in the harsh conditions of the arctic. The husky is also known as an ‘Arctic sled dog’ and has been used by humans for transportation, hunting, and herding. 

This means they are accustomed to living off the land with little food so you must know how much food your pup needs each day. Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Dog Food is made with high-quality protein sources like chicken meal, lamb meal, salmon meal & turkey meal which will keep your pup full longer than other types of puppy foods. 

Feeding your puppy food in the same, correct proportions in every meal is key to their optimum growth. It’s also important for them to have a balanced diet with a daily intake that consists of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

Not only will they eat less when they’re fed quality dog food because their bodies are better nourished but you’ll have one less expensive monthly expense because you buy much less kibble.

  • Nutro Natural Choice has a recipe that doesn’t contain corn gluten or soy products which can irritate your pup’s delicate stomach in an attempt for their body to adjust it if necessary.
  • Contains high-quality protein sources so your pup stays full longer
  • Produced in small batches to assure freshness and quality of ingredients
  • Real meat is the first ingredient – not a lot of fillers or byproducts

8: Orijen (Seniors)

Orijen Senior Dog Food is a nutrient-dense, grain-free dog food for senior dogs with specific dietary requirements. This recipe features deboned chicken and turkey as the first two ingredients and includes sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, and cranberries to provide antioxidants and natural sources of vitamins C & E. 

Orijen Senior Dog Food also contains DHA from anchovy oil for healthy brain development in senior dogs. Feeding your senior Husky this high-quality diet will help maintain their weight, promote strong bones and joints as well as healthy skin & coat! 

In addition, it has a protein level higher than USDA guidelines recommend for large breed dogs which helps with muscle development and supports joint health so they can continue being active throughout their lifespan. And finally, the food contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which helps protect cartilage

  • A grain-free formula with deboned chicken and turkey as the first two ingredients
  • Sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, and cranberries provide antioxidants and natural sources of vitamins C & E.
  • Grain-free for senior dogs that have specific dietary requirements
  • Includes fruits and berries to promote a healthy skin/coat; immune system; central nervous system

9: Blue Buffalo (Seniors)

Huskies are notoriously high-energy and need a diet that will fuel them through their long days. Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food is formulated with an optimal balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to provide the best nutrition for husky seniors. 

The food is made with real meat as its number one ingredient and features both essential Omega 3s and Omega 6s fatty acids which help maintain healthy skin, coat, eyesight, heart health, and more. 

It’s also fortified with antioxidants to help fight against free radicals that can lead to diseases like cancer or diabetes. If you’re looking for food your husky senior will love while keeping her young at heart then check out Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food today! 

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds, but they can also be very difficult to care for. They require a lot of exercise and their diet has specific requirements that must be fulfilled. If you’re caring for an elderly husky, then Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food is a perfect choice! 

  • Formulated to be the best senior dog food for huskies
  • Contains an optimal balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Creating a healthier life for your pup at home with Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food
  • Satisfies the advanced appetite of senior dogs

10: Nutro (Seniors)

Nutro Senior Dog Food is a great choice for husky seniors. These dogs are typically known to be high energy and have a voracious appetite, which makes them perfect candidates for the Nutro brand. 

The ingredients in this food are designed to provide all of the necessary nutrition that these dogs need as they get older, while still giving them the balanced diet that they require to live their best lives. 

Nutro Senior Dog Foods come in different formulas depending on your dog’s needs: Healthy Weight, Active Lifestyle, Joint Health, and Dental Care. They also offer wet food options made from real meat proteins with no added wheat or corn fillers-perfect for those who want their pets to eat healthier but don’t want to compromise on taste. 

Studies show that diets with higher protein content also help your pet maintain lean muscle mass and burn off body fat. The right combination of protein will both feed the appetite for strong, lean muscles and stimulate them to do their job.

  • Healthy weight formula for dogs that have a genetic predisposition to being overweight or are elderly
  • Wet food option with no wheat or corn fillers if you love your pet but don’t want them eating all the carbs
  • Variety of choices depending on your dog’s needs, including different formulas and wet options
  • Nutrients for added vitality, great taste without grains

3 Things To Look For in Husky Food

1: Make Sure it Matches Their Age

Senior dogs are the hardest to feed since they need a variety of nutrients. Some ingredients that can be found in senior dog food include omega-3s, antioxidants, and glucosamine. Finding out what your dog needs are important for their well-being. 

It’s not always easy to tell when you’re feeding them wrong because it could take weeks or even months before the effects show up on their health or behavior. It’s also important to ensure you buy food for adults that are specified for adults. 

This way, they get the nutrients they need. This holds for puppies as well. The best thing to do is talk to your vet about these things so you know how much you should be giving them each day and if there are any foods they recommend more than others! 

Their food should also be tailored to their individual needs such as weight, activity level, and age. This can be difficult for many people due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to senior, adult, and puppy nutrition for dogs. 

2: Check For Probiotics

One component you should look for in dog food is prebiotics and probiotics. These help with gut motility by improving the microbiome balance and reducing inflammatory factors, which can lead to better digestive health. 

These ingredients help promote healthy digestion by increasing acidity in the stomach, creating a more hospitable environment for breaking down food particles.  

Some foods with these features include Blue Buffalo’s Adult Healthy Weight Formula, Canidae All Life Stages Kibble, and Taste of the Wild West Salmon & Trout Dry Dog Food

When making your decision about which type of kibble to buy for your pup, don’t forget to check out what kind of vitamins are included as well as preservatives like BHA or BHT that might be harmful if eaten.

3: Ensure The Food has Calcium

We all know that dogs need adequate calcium to maintain healthy bones. One of the most important aspects of ensuring this is by providing a diet rich in calcium sources, such as milk and cheese. Unfortunately, these items aren’t the best for our furry friends because they’re lactose intolerant. 

That’s why it’s important to find dog foods that provide enough calcium without any dairy products. Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there that offer vegan options with high-quality protein from plants like peas and lentils! 

What is something to look for in dog food that helps bones? Dog food should be low in phosphorus but high in protein content as well as include vegan sources of protein instead of animal proteins which can cause allergies or other health problems.

What are some Dog Food Myths and Misinformation?

Dogs Don’t Need Veggies

Dogs don’t need vegetables and fruits to be healthy. Dogs can obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals from a high-quality dry food diet. FALSE! 

A large variety of fresh produce is very important – not just for flavor – but because dogs have different nutritional needs than humans, and the harder they work out, the more vegetables they need. 

In addition to containing carbohydrates for energy, digestion enzymes, fiber, antioxidants, protective compounds against many chronic diseases, cofactors that help the body’s metabolism function properly. 

Just be very careful as to what you give your dog. Some veggies and fruits are fatal when eaten by dogs.

Raw Food is Superior

“Raw” food is automatically better for dogs. all the enzymes in cooked food are intact, so they’re packed with more nutrition than raw meat, which is why cooking has existed since the dawn of time. Human food has too many ingredients, so avoid it. 

Humans have evolved to thrive on a wide variety of foods, not just a few things that made up our hunter-gatherer diet. If your dog sticks his nose up in the air when he eats, it means he doesn’t like what you’re feeding him – stop! 

If he’s doing this while eating kibble or treats then it’s because oftentimes these feeds contain flavors that are uncommon for them or they might not be his favorite. 

Dog’s Don’t Need Carbs

Dogs do not need carbohydrates in their diet. This is incorrect, as dogs also need to derive energy from carbohydrates (like humans) via their digestive system. Dogs should never be fed a 100% meat-based diet like many cats are. 

Carrots are good for dogs’ vision because they contain vitamin A or beta carotene; this is untrue, though it’s often used as an excuse by owners to justify feeding them carrots due to the common belief that orange fruits and vegetables improve vision. 

Carrots cause eye problems because of the large amount of sugar contained within them, which leads to an increase in excess gas production within the intestines causing intestinal bloat

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I feed my husky?

How often should I feed my husky? This is a question that many husky owners have. It’s not an easy answer because every dog has different needs, but we can give you some general guidelines. 

You should feed your husky two to three meals per day and the number of meals depends on how active they are. If your dog is very active, they may require more food than a less active dog because their body will need more fuel to maintain such high levels of activity. 

The best way to ensure that you’re feeding your pup enough food is by monitoring his weight and appetite; if he doesn’t seem hungry or seems like he’s losing weight, it might be time for a vet visit!

What are good treats for huskies?

Dogs are notoriously picky eaters. But, there’s one thing that almost all dogs love – blueberries! Blueberry treats are a great way to reward your pup for good behavior or just give them something tasty to chew on. 

It makes sense that they would enjoy these sweet, juicy berries since their ancestors come from arctic regions where the fruit is found in abundance during the summer months. 

Is wet or dry food better for Huskies?

What is the best type of food for Huskies, wet or dry? It’s a question that has been debated for decades. Some people say it doesn’t matter and others swear by one type over the other. 

Wet foods are typically what we would call “canned” while dried foods come in various forms such as kibble, biscuits, or nuggets. 

The debate comes down to this: Is wet food better because it contains more moisture and vitamins than dry food? Or is dry food better because it requires less water intake which can be beneficial during hot weather? 


When it comes to huskies, there are a lot of different factors that you’ll want to consider. One major consideration is the type and quality of food that you feed your pup as this will have a big impact on their coat’s condition. 

We hope these reviews helped provide clarity in your decision-making process and encourage you to share this post with any friends who may be looking for more information about feeding their beloved dogs. 

Do you prefer dry kibble? Wet canned food? Or raw meaty bones? Now that you have looked at the best food out there for your Husky, make sure you get him on a good feeding schedule and ensure that he stays active!

Written by Brian Rucker

Brian Rucker has been a dog lover since childhood. He has had his Lab Mix with Hound for over 10+ years now! They enjoy playing outdoors together. Brian loves sharing his knowledge about all things dog on this website. Read more of Brian's articles.